Windfall Release 5.24.13

New Features

MoveHQ is excited to announce the release of Windfall NG 5.24.13 on Tuesday 5/DD/2022


Updated instructions on the Inventory Fields tab


The updated inventory capability now trims whitespace

Global Inventory

Resolved issue allowing users to filter by Locations using filter popup

HQ Driver Integration

Inventory with Carton Contents now flows into Windfall NG


Implemented ability for Admin users to edit Date, Time and Location Out (where applicable) for Inventory History records; these updates are logged on the back-end and flagged on the front-end


Enhanced the Inventory grid so a subset of portal users can view by grouping

Fixed the 'A' checkbox on the Inventory grid so it can deselect all inventory 

Updated portal users to view Locations and Warehouse Translations (if permissions are configured)


Pallet Out transactions can now be used to fulfill grouping line items

Resolved issue so Cost Center Codes can be applied to Mass In transactions

Windfall Mobile Pro

The services for ensuring tag numbers are unique, and for duplicate inbound transactions now take Warehouse Code into account