Windfall Release 5.24

New Features

MoveHQ is excited to announce Windfall NG 5.24 to be released the weekend of July 24, 2021.

Custom Picklists

Users will now be able to manage their own picklists to sync to the mobile device and for use on the web. As with the other custom data types, these are set up for each customer. 

Transaction Detail cleanup

The transaction details section of the Transactions Page has been enhanced to work more quickly and to be more user friendly. This includes removing some of the ambiguous buttons, less loading and a more organized approach to viewing custom field data. 

Transaction Import Enhancements

The Transaction Import capability has been cleaned up to be more easy to use. Users will now receive error messages that target specific cells in the sheet on the fly. The template and instructions on how to use this capability will be found directly in the import popup. 

Transition from Custom Prompts to Custom Fields

MoveHQ is sunsetting custom prompts and converting to custom fields. All inventory data, groupings, work orders, Windfall Mobile field orders and stuck transactions will be converted to match this new way of capturing custom data for inventory. This decision was made so that down the line a self-service reporting tool can be delivered. Each customer will have 20 text fields and 8 the other data types (whole numbers, decimals, dates, checkboxes and picklists).


Other changes


  • Implemented Custom Picklists as a custom field type

  • Locked custom field labels, lengths and inventory display when they are part of a grouping

  • Updated the Customer Configuration, Grouping and Work Order Report pages for custom fields


  • Created conversion scripts to update current production inventory prompt data, custom columns, Windfall Mobile Pro Order List, groupings and work orders to custom fields 


  • Enhanced checkboxes to ensure they can only be set to true or false

  • Replaced prompts with custom fields on the inventory views

  • Updated various labels related to custom prompts


  • Added various alphanumeric sorts to lists 

  • Implemented custom field changes


  • A refresh button has been added to the transaction details section to populate the data into all five tabs

  • Added download buttons to the import tool popup for instructions and the template

  • Enhanced the Transaction Import tool to be more user friendly and to give users targeted feedback for invalid data on the fly

  • Removed ambiguous buttons towards the top of the page

  • Custom Fields tab has been added to the transaction details section to keep all inventory fields in one place

  • Updated the Transaction page, Transaction Import tool and the Transaction Processor to utilize custom fields 

Work Orders

  • Custom Columns has been updated to pull custom fields onto work order reports

  • Updated various stored procedures to include custom fields

Mobile Updates